Fresh graduates won’t be ignored here, let’s check some interesting facts about internships in Canada

Jakarta: Students must do their final assignment before graduating. However, final semester students generally seek out internships to further their knowledge and work experience before actually entering the working world as a student. young graduate.

buddy Medicom those who are in this position, should listen to the information on internships in Canada on the page! Are there types of internships in Canada?

Launched from Instagram @hotcourses_id, there are two types of internships in Canada, namely co-op and job placement/internship. Cooperative education is an in-class learning program of two years or more, in which a student must spend the equivalent of 30 percent of their class time at work. Meanwhile, for programs under two years, students are expected to spend 25%.

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Meanwhile, the placement/internship program is a 12-16 month internship program. At the end of the internship, students will receive academic credits. These activities may or may not be remunerated, depending on where the student is undertaking the program.

Why do internships in Canada?

1. Adopt an honest and open attitude

Canada has an honest and open work culture. Unlike Indonesia, where most people are diplomats so as not to offend other colleagues.

2. International work experience

In this era of globalization, many companies have business relationships with foreign companies. Therefore, employees who have experience or the ability to work in a multinational environment will be preferred.

3. Be open to new ideas

Canada welcomes new ideas and innovations without distinction. This means that it doesn’t matter whether the idea comes from a newcomer or a senior, everyone has the same opportunity to innovate.

4. Equal status

The view of status and position in Canadian offices is not as rigid as in Indonesia. Everyone is considered equal and equal as a human being.

how are you my guy Medicom Interested in applying for an internship program in Canada? Don’t be afraid to try it! (Annisa Ambarwaty)


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