Free YouTube Music Users in Canada Will Miss Exclusive Features

JAKARTA – Playing music in the background is one of the benefits of subscribing to YouTube Music Premium. However, free YouTube Music users in Canada still benefit from this feature.

Report of Android font, The ability to play music in the background will be removed on July 8. The news of the removal of this feature was shared directly by Google by sending a message to the user’s email address.

Once this background playback feature is removed, users in Canada will enjoy the same features as YouTube Music in other countries. If they want to start listening to YouTube Music without interruption again, they need to subscribe.

Background playback is one of the downsides of the YouTube Music Premium app, unlike the free plan on Spotify. When the user switches to another app, the currently playing music stops immediately.

The only way to listen to music without stopping is to leave the app open. Users can also use the YouTube Music website. However, this method is more comfortable to use on a laptop.

Rather than providing background playback support, Google prefers to roll out new features to free users. This feature will allow users to access music on demand.

Additionally, Google plans to provide access to Samples tabs, custom playlists, and mixes. This new feature will be particularly useful because so far the free version of YouTube Music only allows shuffle play.

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