Four dead and 900,000 homes shut down due to hurricane in Canada

Four people died and nearly 900,000 homes lost power after the massive hurricane in Canada

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ONTARIO — Four people died and nearly 900,000 homes lost power after a severe storm hit the province Ontario and Quebec in eastern Canada. Ontario police said three people were killed and several others injured in the storm.

Photos posted on social media showed streets littered with rubble and fallen trees damaging homes, as well as cars. A man died when a tree fell in the caravan where he was staying on Saturday (21/5). Meanwhile, according to Peel County Police, a woman in her 60s has died after being struck by a tree in the city of Brampton.

“The woman was taken to a local hospital and died of her injuries,” a police statement said. AlgeriaSunday (22/5).

In the federal capital of Ottawa, one person died in the storm. But local police declined to provide further details. Then the fourth victim was a woman in her fifties. He drowned when his boat capsized on the Ottawa River, which separated Ottawa and Quebec when the storm hit. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said his staff were assessing damage and threats on the ground.

“We have a full crew and power to clear the roads and restore power. This is a major storm and we ask for your patience,” Watson said.

According to Environment Canada, in the city of Kitchener, Ontario, wind gusts of up to 132 km/h were recorded. Meanwhile, in Toronto and Ottawa, wind gusts reached 120 km/h. Nearly 900,000 homes in the two provinces lost power on Saturday evening.

“We expect the power recovery to take a few days,” said Hydro One, which is a local electricity provider.

Environment Canada meteorologist Daniel Liota said gusts of wind at such speeds were not uncommon in isolated microbursts. The storm was unusual in that it covered a large geographic area.

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