Former famous artist, Gisela Cindy now works as an employee in a shoe store in Canada, here is her portrait

Journalist: Joni Irwan Setiawan

TRIBUNSTYLE.COMIn the past, her face was often decorated on screen, Gisela Cindy is now employed in a shoe store in Canada, here is the proof!

The name of Gisela Cindy, Gracia Indri’s sister, has not appeared on Indonesian screens for a long time.

As we know, Gisela Cindy is known as an artist who often plays antagonistic roles.

His performance succeeded in infuriating the audience.

In reality, she is an independent, intelligent and tough woman.

Not appearing on the screen for a long time, it turns out that Gisela Cindy lives in Canada, North America.

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Gisela Cindy (Instagram/giselacindy12)

For several years, this woman born in Pasuruan, 26 years ago, has continued her studies in Canada.

After graduating from college, he never returned to his native country.

However, Gisela chose to work there.

After investigation, it appears that he was the manager of a shoe store in Canada.

Through her YouTube channel, Gisela shares her activities while working.

The following is a portrait of Gisela Cindy at work.

Preparation before work

Gisela Cindy's preparations before going to work.
Gisela Cindy’s preparations before going to work. (YouTube Gisela Cindy)

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