Former Bolivian President Evo Morales banned from entering Peru

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Peru, on Monday, January 9, 2023, issued a ban on the former Bolivian president, Evo Morales, to enter Peruvian territory. The policy received a strong response from Morales.

Minister of Internal Affairs Peruvian said Bolivians had entered the country in recent months for political activities. Lima said he violated immigration laws and could harm national security.

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Morales was banned from entering Peru along with eight other unidentified Bolivian nationals. Deadly protests have been raging for weeks in Peru, targeting Peruvian President Dina Boluarte after the swift removal of former President Pedro Castillo last month. Several demonstrations took place near the border with Bolivia.

Castillo’s attempt to illegally dissolve Congress ahead of his impeachment vote has sparked a new political crisis in the South American country. Peru is one of the main copper producing countries in the world. Boluarte was president of Peru for less than two tumultuous years.

Morales, one of Latin America’s most prominent leftists, openly supports Castillo. He criticized Castillo’s dismissal and subsequent arrests as illegal. He was president of Bolivia for about 14 years until 2019 when he resigned under intense pressure following disputed elections and mass protests.

Responding to the Peruvian government’s denial, Morales took to Twitter to say that Lima deliberately attacked him to distract. He also accused Peru of deliberately avoiding responsibility for gross human rights violations.

“Political disputes cannot be resolved by expulsion, banning or repression,” Morales said.

Shortly after the ban was announced, Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otarola accused Morales of inciting the riots.

“We are closely monitoring not only the attitude of Mr. Morales, but also those who worked with him in southern Peru. They are very active in promoting crisis situations,” he told reporters. .

Last week, Peru’s defense ministry accused the foreigners of fomenting divisive protests. After Castillo was removed from office and arrested for fomenting rebellion, thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Boluarte, the release of Castillo, the closure of Congress, and a new constitution.

Castle still remains in pre-trial detention. More than 20 people have died in the protests, which resumed last week after a holiday break.


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