Foreign investigation sheds light on Canadian garbage shipments to Indonesia


Screenings of investigative documentary programs CanadaFifth Estate, Climax illegal export of waste households that are not sorted by a number of Canadian recycling companies to developing countries, including Indonesia.

This kind of practice encouraged young Indonesian environmental activists, Nina Azzahrato send a letter to Canadian Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau asking him to stop sending illegal waste to Indonesia.

The Canadian government itself has also drawn criticism for refusing to release the names of companies found guilty of violating environmental and international laws.

As reported Radio CanadaFriday (22/4/2022), the results of the Fifth Estate survey broadcast on the largest Canadian television, Radio Canadaand Enquete found that at least 123 containers had been returned to Canada in the past five years, after authorities in other countries found numerous violations of international waste export rules designed to prevent countries Westerners to dump their waste in developing countries.

Youth activists and governments in various countries have lobbied to ban the export of Western waste to developing countries. One of them is Nina, who is 14 years old and has many social media followers after her efforts to convince Western countries to stop sending trash to Indonesia.

Representatives from several countries, including Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, met with Nina and promised to change their export policies.

Since 2020, Nina, who is fluent in English, has sent two letters to PM Trudeau.

“Dear Prime Minister, why did you send your waste to our country? You should take care of your own waste in your own country,” reads an excerpt from Nina’s letter to Prime Minister Trudeau that she read. in the documentary Fifth Estate.

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