Ford is recalling an F-150 Lightning electric pickup in the United States and Canada

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

United States Automotive Company (USA) Ford Motor Co announced recall or recalling approximately 2,900 F-150 Lightning trucks due to a software glitch that failed to provide tire pressure warning information.

Cited Reuters(28/6) Tuesday, recall for the Ford F-150 Lightning, it covers 2,666 vehicles in the United States and 220 in Canada.

The recall is a first for a Ford electric pickup worldwide. Fortunately, there were no accidents or injuries related to the recall.

Ford said the truck’s tire pressure monitor “may” not come on when needed. This condition means that the system cannot warn the driver of the correct tire pressure for driving.

The recommended tire pressure is set incorrectly at 35 psi, it should be 42 psi.

This low tire pressure can cause loss of vehicle control, which can increase the risk of an accident.

According to the company, customers are advised to visit an authorized repair shop to update the module’s software for immediate repair which takes around 20 minutes.

Ford will also provide updates Software through live updates within 30 days for all Ford F-150 Lightning users.


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