Flashback to the World Cup: who won the 1938 edition of the tournament?

The teams that participated in the qualifying round for the 1938 World Cup were Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland Free Countries, Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, Egypt, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Mandatory Palestine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. .

Then Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dutch Guiana, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, the Dutch East Indies, Japan. The teams that qualified were Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czech Republic, Netherlands East Indies, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Dutch East Indies national team was included in the national team that qualified for the 1938 World Cup. At that time, the Indonesian national team, which was still not independent from the Netherlands , was registered with FIFA as the Dutch East Indies. National team.

Eighty years later, at the end of 2018, FIFA, the highest football federation in the world, only officially recognized the Dutch East Indies national team which played in the 1938 World Cup as the national team. Indonesian. However, since its appearance in the 1938 World Cup, the Indonesian national team has never participated in the World Cup again.

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