Fitriya wants to unite Canadian Muslim women through sport

Muslim women can practice their faith and conquer the field.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TORONTO — Falling in love with the ball basketball made Canadian Muslim woman Fitriya Mohamed (24) a game-changer sport as a space where other Muslim women can fulfill their dreams. Through this sport, Fitriya wants to unite Muslim women in Toronto and surrounding areas in Canada.

True to its message and determination, Muslim women can practice their faith as they please and conquer the field. His story started setting his heart on the game of basketball started while he was in school for the first time in Canada. Fitriya came to Toronto from Ethiopia when she was 10 years old.

In gym class, he sits on the sidelines, watching the other kids play. However, the teacher has strong ideas about participation. Therefore, he had no choice but to join the other children in a sports game.

Coming off the bench and onto the pitch, Fitriya is ushered into a new world of sport, where competition and the thrill of winning reign. Even in fifth grade, he managed to earn one. It then changed his life.

As girls became more mainstream in sports, schools began to focus on women’s athletics. When Fitriya entered high school, she signed up for team sports. Fitriya revealed that at that time the coach encouraged girls who didn’t even play basketball to try.

“I was a new kid back then. I never would have done it without that encouragement,” Fitriya said. Toronto StarMonday (1/11).

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