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Canada, Egypt and Portugal showcase their mighty VALORANT talents as the action enters day two of the Red Bull Campus Clutch Global Finals. Teams from around the world enter the final day of qualifying desperate to continue their journey through the tournament. Tough battles, game-changing moments, and serious skill propelled 16 teams into the playoffs, all in a quest to prove they’re the best VALORANT student team in the world.

The stakes are high today as the top three remaining teams are in a wait-and-see format. At the end of the day, there were only four teams left, each ready to do battle on the biggest stage they had ever been on.

Canada, Poland, Egypt, Great Britain, Peru, Indonesia, Portugal and Denmark were among the 16 teams that took part in the qualifiers.

Yesterday, the second group of qualifiers battled for the final eight spots in qualifying for the Red Bull Campus Claw Claw World Finals. Groups E and F had the most dominant wins, with Team Canada o7 and Team Egypt Raad each leading 5-0 against their rivals. o7’s performance was made all the more impressive by the strong teams in their group, including impressive talent from Turkey and Poland, as well as LCQ’s Bravado Gaming team who looked utterly dominant in their run for the playoffs. . While Egyptian side Bravado Gaming fell in the group stage, Raad’s side are chasing a possible winning streak for Egypt, having won last year.

“Obviously, we know that our group is one of the toughest, but the level of competition exceeds all expectations. The guys from Canada did really well and surprised us with their game, but our game against Egypt was definitely the best show there. We are looking forward to advancing to qualifying because we want to destroy everyone and our dreams. The most important thing is to reach the final where we will face one of the other teams from Eastern Europe!” Hugh, Poland (black team)

The second set of groups saw strong performances from BaTagoR Indonesia and Peruvian Nitrous Gaming, each finishing 4-1 in their groups. BaTagoR formed just before last year’s Red Bull College Clutch Championship, but this is their first appearance together in the competition. Nitrous Gaming have only been together for three months now, but they already have team chemistry with a history of being together for years. In the final eighth group, Portugal’s QuartetoDos5 came out on top in a clear group of talents from Denmark, Chile, Japan and Bosnia.

Teams from Poland, England, Peru and Denmark have also qualified from the group stages and are set to take part in the qualifying rounds.

“After losing against RAAD, we realized that we didn’t play badly and we made sure to keep our confidence for the upcoming games. Our only other fear was playing against LCQ Indonesia, because it was a map we had to win to qualify and they slowly cut it down from 11-7 to 11-11 luckily we won and we are very happy to qualify for tomorrow and play on the main stagesm1leAnd Casa Noturna (England)

The teams that will advance to the playoffs are:

  • Northwood University – we
  • Narodni Garda – Czech Republic
  • Okay – Fruit salad
  • Dutch FIFA – Dutch
  • Q7 – Canada
  • rad team – Egypt
  • BaTagorR – Indonesia
  • Jordan – Slovenia
  • DNC game – New Zealand
  • CONDORIT0 – Chile
  • black team – Poland
  • Casa Noturna – Britain
  • nitro games – Peruvian
  • ESP eSports – Denmark
  • mystical team – Pakistani
  • Quartet – Portugal

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