Europe rejects visa restrictions, Canada: Many Russian soldiers want to flee their country

JournalPatrolNews – Jakarta – The decision by a number of European countries to ban Russian citizens from obtaining visas has not received much positive response from the Canadian government. In her statement on Thursday (9/22), Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said she does not support the decision. on the grounds that the Russians wanted to leave his country in the face of growing danger.

“Obviously what we’re doing is working, but we need to do more,” Joly told reporters in a Thursday phone call from New York. He referred to the onslaught of success of Western countries in helping Ukraine.

He argued that Putin’s regime was increasingly desperate and that would pose a risk to his dissidents. Thus, according to him, there is no need to limit visas for those who are going to leave Russia.

Joly rejected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s demands for Western countries to stop issuing visas to Russia.

“There are Russian soldiers who are basically ready to defy the authorities, and who are leaving their ranks, and they are fleeing the battlefield in Ukraine,” Joly said.

“There are a lot of Russians who want to leave Russia,” Joly added, saying the visa ban was unfair to people who disagreed with Moscow.

The Russian Embassy has condemned the visa restrictions imposed by several Western countries. “Here we can agree with Minister Joly that the visa ban is a policy of collective punishment,” said Artem Kalabukhov, political counselor at the Russian Embassy in Ottawa.

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