EU launches training mission for 15,000 Ukrainian troops


European Union increased its military support for Ukraine by launching a training mission for 15,000 troops Ukraine and provided another 500 million euros for arms.

Reported by news agency AFPOn Monday (17/10/2022), the foreign ministers of the 27 member states of the bloc are expected to sign a decision on the matter during a meeting in Luxembourg. They will also discuss how to respond to Russia’s use of drones or Iranian-made drones.

“Political morality, even military, Russia lost in this war. We must therefore continue to support Ukraine,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said at the opening of the meeting in Luxembourg.

After nearly eight months of war, Ukrainian forces are advancing on the battlefield and Western countries supporting Ukraine want to ensure that their forces have the ability to keep fighting.

Several EU countries – including Germany and France – are already training Ukraine to use the modern artillery, missile launcher and air defense systems they deliver to Kyiv.

However, the European Union is lagging behind in providing large-scale training to help the country’s military deal with the invading Russian forces.

Previously, the United States, Canada and Britain had trained thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.

The European training mission will go into operation next month, although final details have yet to be agreed.

an official European Union said his initial plan was to provide basic training to 12,000 Ukrainian soldiers and special instructions to another 2,800 soldiers.

Poland neighboring Ukraine will be the main center of the mission.

“It’s a way out for Ukraine and return,” said a European diplomat.

Watch the video “9,000 Russian soldiers will strengthen the border between Belarus and Ukraine”:

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