Ester loses, Indonesia against Canada 1-1

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Indonesian Women’s Singles Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo lost to Rachel Chan as Canada tied at 1-1 in the second game of the group stage Sudirman Cup 2021 at Energia Areena, Vantaa, Finland, Monday (27/9).

Ester fought well in a fierce battle against Chan despite losing in a three-team match 22-24, 8-21, 18-21.

In the first game, Ester was able to lead 7-3 over Chan. The advantage could be maintained even though the margin of advantage narrowed to just two points at the break with 11-9.

The match between Esther and Chan was getting fiercer after the break. Ester is still only two points ahead at 14-12.

Heading into the end of the first game, Ester had a 17-14 lead. However, Chan showed unyielding play to draw the post at 19-19.

The match tightened as the points won by Ester and Chan continued to be tied, up to 22-22. However, Ester could snatch the next two points to win 24-22 in the opener.

Esther trailed 4-5 at the start of the second game. Esther’s effort to equalize didn’t go as planned.

Chan was actually able to continue earning points. Chan won five straight points to put him ahead by a seven-point margin of 11-4 in the second interval of play.

Chan was increasingly dominant after the interval. He was able to widen the gap to 17-4 on Ester. Ester had gained four points but Chan managed to close the second game with 21-8.

In the deciding match, Ester had a 2-0 lead but Chan could overturn it at 2-3. Chan could then widen the gap to 6-3 on Ester.

Chan can continue to maintain this advantage, which closed the third interval of play with the score of 11-7. Chan managed to maintain his consistency after the break to continue earning points, but Ester didn’t give up.

Left behind 10-16, Esther got up to take the lead 17-16. However, Chan was able to look calm so he could close out Game 3 with 21-18.


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