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MUDANEWS.COM, NOTICE – President Jokowi has visited China, Japan and South Korea on short one-day trips each. It is also good to visit rather than just stop. Indonesia is a super powerful country (less). He said the agenda was to discuss regional development and economic cooperation such as investment, fisheries, health, infrastructure and of course liaison with the G-20.

Japan and South Korea are US blocs facing China in a global conflict. That is why, in August, America with Japan and South Korea in a joint exercise with the Indonesian army. The issue also goes against China’s claims to the South China Sea region. The Natuna Islands training ground is the site of the dispute between Indonesia and China. Scramble for water uh water.

Last year, when Indonesia performed the 2021 Garuda Shield Latma with the US military, China slapped Indonesia with a protest letter in disappointment. Now Indonesia is repeating the Garuda Shield Latma 2022. In fact, it is using all “Super”. The participants were amazing, besides Indonesia and America, there were 14 other countries including Japan, South Korea, England, Canada and Australia. Phew.

Amid the impending plan, the president visited China, then Japan and South Korea. The mission that is doomed is to reconcile China with America. Just like the marching band to reconcile Russia and Ukraine yesterday. The dream of winning the Nobel Prize, even when Jokowi returned home, Russia bombed Ukraine. Now Turkey’s Erdogan can bring both to the negotiating table. Erdogan can learn from Jokowi’s experience. Jokowi is the best teacher.

In Jokowi’s journey this time, as our great nation, Indonesia does not want and does not have the heart if the peace mission of the President of the Republic of Indonesia is answered with “who are you “both by China, Japan and South Korea. But bilateral affairs, be it debt, investment or other economic cooperation, can be a bit hopeful. But don’t oversell IKN, there are still a lot of pros and cons in the country.

A visit to China certainly annoys America. But Latma Super Garuda Shield also angered China. Apparently Jokowi is good at irritating everyone. The risk is to take a tight position and lose the trust of both. This means that Jokowi will again be slapped by China, while America in its extreme attitude could threaten Jokowi’s continuity of power.

Japan and South Korea are visiting countries that are both staunch American allies. What is decided about the region by Japan and South Korea will not be outside US politics or blessing. It is therefore impossible for Indonesia to carry out China’s mission. Economic problems are also not easy to achieve significant results. Japan is hurt by Jokowi who lied on the bullet train while South Korea competes with Chinese investment which was rudely passed by the Jokowi government.

Now, seeing the possibility of Jokowi’s mission failing on his current trip, as well as his mission failing in Ukraine and Russia, Mr. Jokowi’s overseas trip to China, Japan and South Korea South was not done at the right time. Therefore, it is only considered as an intensive picnic by Mr. Jokowi and his wife, Mrs. Iriana.

Good to share some happiness with Pak Jokowi to travel abroad when people are confused and difficult to deal with rising prices of basic necessities and chaos in law enforcement and l political order. In the midst of Islam which is also abused.

Goodbye, Mr President. You are the best traveler now. He he, someone mumbles, you don’t need to go home anymore, sir.

Ah, that’s an easy analysis, really. Don’t take it seriously.

Author: Mr. Rizal Fadillah (Political and National Observer)

Bandung, July 27, 2022

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