Dua Lipa Apologizes 3 People Injured by Fireworks During Her Concert


Dua Lipa concert which took place at the Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada left an unpleasant story behind. The fireworks incident suddenly turned into a bad story.

During the concert which took place on Thursday (28/7), a number of spectators were hysterical and running after fireworks near the stage suddenly ignited.

According to the video circulating on social media, fireworks suddenly ignited and caused a number of viewers to avoid them. Many of them fled hastily.

Speaking to CBC, Toronto police said three people were injured in the flower incident. However, there were no serious injuries and the investigation is still ongoing after the fireworks suddenly ignited prematurely.

Realizing the incident, Dua Lipa immediately apologized. In the fan-uploaded video, Dua Lipa is also seen surprised when the fireworks suddenly exploded and endangered a number of viewers.

“Creating a safe and inclusive space at my events has always been my first priority, and the team and I, like all of you, are shocked and confused by the incident,” Dua Lipa said in a statement.

“This incident has become an experiment. I’m so sorry for scaring anyone, feeling uncomfortable, or interfering with the enjoyment of watching the show,” he continued.

Meanwhile, police said so far there is no information on the suspect. But they are still working with security on site to review the surveillance video.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, as owner of Scotiabank Arena, said it was ready to assist police in the investigation.

“Creating a safe and secure place for every attendee at Scotiabank Arena is MLSE’s top priority,” a representative from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment said in a statement to CBC News.

Moreover, John Tory, as mayor of Toronto, wants to see the perpetrators imprisoned.

“Someone set off fireworks in a crowded arena, where people said it looked like gunfire and caused a reaction that could have people stomping,” John Tory said during a press conference.

Meanwhile, Toronto Police Chief James Ramer said he was relieved no one was injured. However, he said the perpetrators would be charged when arrested.

“We will do everything we can to identify who was involved.” concluded James Ramer.

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