Does the Canadian Army have a new logo? Fact Check Reports

The Canadian army launched a new logo

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The Canadian Army released its new logo earlier this week and has since faced backlash. The design, inspired by uniforms, seems very pixelated in brown and beige. There is also a maple leaf. Residents immediately criticized the military logo, believing the service’s official emblem was being altered. However, the Ministry of National Defense quickly clarified the situation.

In a statement, the Defense Ministry said it regretted the confusion and that the traditional emblem would remain the same. “The Canadian Army has not changed its official logo,” DND senior communications advisor Alex Tétreault said in a media statement.

“We remain proud of our official emblem, which consists of two crossed swords, three maple leaves and a royal crown.”

The new logo was launched with a video. It shows a camera rolling through camouflage netting. However, the locals didn’t like it.

CanadaThe new army logo looks like a Minecraft moose taking on the biggest shit you’ve ever seen,” said one person on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The new Canadian Army logo reflects Trudeau’s campaign to erase Anglo-Canadian-French symbols and transform Canada into a “post-national state without a fundamental identity” which he described in a post-national interview. election in 2015,” added another.

DND says the new logo is not intended for everyday use. “The icon launched today is an additional design that will be used in the lower left corner of certain communications products and in video animations. This icon complements our official logo and is intended to coincide with the launch of a new camouflage model: the Canadian Multi-Terrain Disruptor Model (CADPAT MT).

So, even though the Canadian army has published a new logo, the official emblem, used since 2016, remains the same.

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