Dirk Nowitzki predicts a ‘pink period’ for German basketball players

That said, the first medal in 17 years is just the start for German basketball. After joyous celebrations of emerging markets in Cologne and Berlin, Dennis Schroeder & Co. not afraid of international competition. “If we get everyone together, it’s hard to fight,” Schroeder said. This summer, the NBA professional refuted all his criticisms and finally took on the role of basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki.


After an 82:69 victory over Poland, Schroeder and Nowitzki celebrated third place with another bronze champion around party monster Andreas Obst. In the waiting room of the team hotel in Lützowufer, the German giants around Schroeder and Franz Wagner, played very boldly, diluting a late-night victory that would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago.

Nowitzki is still present as an ambassador for Europe and sees a bright future for German basketball. “All the best players are still children. There are a lot of things there. Some weren’t there due to injury. There can be good days for basketball in Germany.” In his analysis of the European Championship magenta sports. In Maximilian Kleiber, Moritz Wagner and Isaiah Hartenstein, three other top NBA players could join this year’s core.


Dirk Nowitzki saw EM 2001

In 2005, Nowitzki led the German team to a silver medal in Serbia – the last precious metal until Sunday. “The boys definitely rewarded themselves with a fantastic tournament. They really deserve it,” Nowitzki said. “I was also in a situation where I lost in the semi-finals and then in the third-place game. I’m glad they have something on their hands now,” Nowitzki said, looking forward to the final. Euro 2001.

A somewhat shaky success against Poland also buoyed the German side after their bitter semi-final loss to European champions Spain two days ago. “After the win against Greece, we felt we could have done more,” said national team coach Gordon Herbert, who led the team to a podium finish in their first major tournament. “It’s one of the most special times of my life. Having kids is number one, but very special.

“We just started”

Herbert visited his family in Finland on Monday morning to recover from a grueling week with many setbacks, but ultimately no longer in the spotlight. But even in the catacombs of the Berlin Arena at the Ostbahnhof, Herbert looks to the future. “If you look at successful national teams, they were together for a long time before they succeeded. “We just started this group,” said the 63-year-old Canadian.

While in office, Herbert announced a three-year plan. After a successful start at the European Championships, the focus is now on the World Cups in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines next year and the 2024 Olympics in Paris. “We have a lot of quality in this locker room – not just NBA players, but Euroleague professionals,” Schroeder said. Who deserves to be selected in the All-Star team of the European Championship after his strong performance.

“Hopefully it will be a stepping stone for a number of years,” NBA pro Daniel Tess said. Yang is working on rehabilitation despite a knee problem in order to compete in the European Championships in his home country. “It shows what it means to them to play for Germany,” Herb said.

Competitive chaos in international basketball

When the national coach calls up his squad for their next international matches in November in World Cup qualifiers against Finland (November 10) and Slovenia (November 13), most of the bronze medalists will be absent. The competitive chaos of international basketball ensures that no player works in the NBA. Euroleague players are also at risk of being canceled due to clashes.

But they all want to come back next summer. “I’m really in the mood,” said Franz Wagner, who took another big leap in his development after a great season in the NBA at the European Championships, and is on his way to a great career. in the USA. “Franz will lead this national team, he has a great personality,” Schroeder said. Yang also wants to continue wearing a shirt and an eagle on his chest. “I’m going to stay here until I can’t walk anymore.”

Schroeder: ‘Basketball in Germany is fun again’

We have to build this special basketball summer together, when Schroeder & Co. played and managed to penetrate the hearts of German sports fans. RTL He even teased the station to return to free-to-air television. “I think we’ve made basketball interesting again in Germany,” Schroeder said.

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