Dewa 19 concert postponed, here is a series of musical events at the end of 2022

Jakarta: The chaos of the Singing Festival has an impact on all the concerts scheduled for the near future. As known, the Bersyang Bersendang Festival itself was canceled on the last day due to an overcapacity case. As a result, Dewa 19’s concert at Jakarta International Stadium had to be postponed.

“As organizers, we from JAKPRO and DEWA Restography have decided to postpone the 30th anniversary festival of the Dewa 19 people,” JakPro Chairman and CEO Widi Amanasto said in a statement.

Previously, Dewa 19 was supposed to hold a concert on November 12, 2022. The postponement of the concert was not without reason. Reflecting on the singing dance festival, organizers of the Dewa 19 People’s Party said they did not want to experience the same.

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“We are fully aware and concerned about the events that have happened regarding the events and the crowds that have happened before. As the organizers of the event, we will be more mature regarding the technical implementation of the ‘People’s Party 30 Years of God’s Work’ later,” Widi said.

The chaos that transpired at the Rocking Singing Festival last week had indeed become a public spotlight. Some spectators also chose not to watch the concert rather than being rushed into the festival arena.

Prior to Dewa 19, Justin Bieber himself also postponed his concert. The Canadian singer was supposed to give a concert on December 2 and 3, 2022 in the country, but was postponed and ended in cancellation.

For information, in the near future, at the end of 2022, Indonesia will be animated by a number of other music festivals. Call it NCT 127 2ND TOUR ‘NEO CITY: JAKARTA – THE LINK’, Joyland Festival 2022, Let’s Love Indonesia – We All Are One K-pop, Stray Kids – 2nd World Tour Maniac, Soundrenaline 2022, Head in the Clouds Jakarta, DPR – The Regime World Tour Live in Jakarta, Jakarta Warehouse Project (DWP), Head In The Clouds, and many more.

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