DEMM 2022, Determining the Fate of the Global Digital Space

Bisnis.comNUSA DUA – The outcomes of the 2022 Digital Economy Ministers Meeting (DEMM) will determine and drive the development of a global digital space.

Minister of Communication and Information (Minister of Communication and Information) Johnny G. Plate said he met with delegates from the 4th Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) 2022 to ensure the smooth running of the DEMM meeting. The plan, the meeting will end this afternoon.

“I think the results of today’s DEMM meeting are of great concern to the world, as they determine the direction of development of the global digital space,” Johnny said Thursday (9/1/2022).

He added that the DEMM meeting is not only for the digital interests of G20 member countries. However, it worries non-G20 countries.

Previously, Johnny held bilateral meetings with 12 countries and 2 institutions in preparation for the DEMM.

The countries participating in the bilateral meeting with the Minister of Communication and Informatics are Argentina, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Cambodia, India, Japan, England, the Netherlands, Spain and Australia.

In addition, two institutions that also participated in the bilateral meeting were the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

During the bilateral meeting, a number of issues were discussed including digital workforce, startups, digital culture, cross-border data flows, MSMEs, personal data and talent digital.

Meanwhile, the agenda for the 4th DEWG 2022 meeting discussed the G20 delegates’ draft declaration in a document called the Bali Package.

Furthermore, the Bali Package document will be further discussed for finalization by G20 members during the Digital Economy Ministers Meeting (DEMM) on September 1, 2022.

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