Defend Ukrainian skies from Russian attacks, NATO supplies advanced air defense weapons – Reuters

BRUSSELS – Leaders North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced delivery of advanced air defense weapons to Kyivafter a wave Russian missile attack.

The armament promised by Britain, Canada, France and the Netherlands included missiles and radars. The United States (US) had previously made a similar pledge. A German high-tech system has arrived in Ukraine. The promise came as Ukraine’s allies from 50 countries gathered at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The UK will donate air defense missiles, as well as hundreds of aerial drones to support Ukraine’s intelligence gathering and logistical capabilities. The UK will also send 18 additional artillery howitzers in addition to the 64 already delivered.

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“Russia’s latest indiscriminate attack on civilian areas in Ukraine requires additional support for those willing to defend their country,” UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said.

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“These weapons will help Ukraine defend its skies against attacks and strengthen its overall missile defense,” he continued.

“We will do everything we can to ensure that they [Ukraina] they have what it takes to be effective,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said after a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday (10/12/2022).

French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris would supply Ukraine with air defense systems.

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In an interview with France 2 television, he did not specify which system to ship. But he said their main function was to protect residents from drones.

Kyiv hailed the summit as “historic”. The Ukrainian military announced earlier on Wednesday (12/10/2022) that the first of several “advanced SLM IRIS-Ts have been delivered from Germany to Ukraine”. This air defense system will help protect the country “from terror”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has for months asked Ukrainian allies to provide air defense systems to create an “air shield” for Ukraine.

“The bolder and more ruthless Russia’s terror becomes, the clearer it will be to the world that helping Ukraine protect the skies is one of Europe’s most important humanitarian tasks for us,” Zelensky said. in a video speech on Wednesday (10/12/2022) night.

“I believe we will face this task,” he added.

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