Deadly duel kills person in Barru after discussing Electone Entertainment


Police have revealed the motive for the case of the deadly duel between man A (35) and M (46) in Barru, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) which killed M at the scene or TKP. The stabbing that killed M against the victim was due to the assailant taking offense while discussing election entertainment.

“The motive for the incident was that the perpetrator was offended by the words of the victim,” Barru Police Public Relations Sub-Division Chief AKP Patahuddin said when confirmed. secondsSulselWednesday (27/7/2022).

The incident that killed M already happened in Ujungnge, Barru district on Saturday (23/7/2022). At the time of the incident, A was talking about electone with someone at a ballo (alcohol) vendor. Next, victim M alias W also commented.

“Victim M said that abuser W was still young when it came to election matters. These words apparently offended the abuser, so the two got into a fight,” he explained.

At first, the tension between the two was managed by several people, the victim then left the scene. But soon, the victim returned to the ballo vendor. While hitting the walls and the tin roof with his fists, the victim then shouted defying the people at the ballo selling place. The perpetrator then reminded the victim not to cause a commotion.

“Don’t accept the reprimand, so the victim grabbed the perpetrator’s hair. Then asked him to come out of the ballo outlet to fight,” he explained.

The victim then walked to the side where he picked up a block of wood and then struck the perpetrator’s head 3 times. The assailant then issued a badik stabbing the victim.

The victim took the badik which was used while he was injured. He had stabbed the assailant in the neck. However, the victim received 4 to 5 stab wounds from the assailant, in the chest and in the back.

“The victim died at the scene. The attacker was also injured,” Patahuddin said.

Moreover, explained Patahuddin, for this duel affair, his party had not named a suspect because he saw the condition of the assailant who was still being treated and it was not possible to be questioned.

“There are no suspects yet. The perpetrator is currently being treated intensively in Makassar. However, his condition appears to be improving,” Patahuddin said.

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