Day without shopping, discover the history and unique facts


This year, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated on November 26. The objective of this commemoration of Spend Free Day is to raise awareness of the negative environmental, social and political consequences of excessive consumption by society.

To know the history of the commemoration of No Shopping Day, here is a summary detikJabar regarding the anniversary of the day celebrated in several parts of the world:

History of the day without shopping

No Shopping Day was first celebrated in 1992. Around that time, an artist named Ted Dave became the first person to celebrate No Shopping Day in Vancouver, Canada.

At that time, No Shop Day was celebrated after Ted Dave’s American Thanksgiving celebration. The main message to get across is a form of protest so that people don’t become consumptive and promise not to shop for 24 hours that day.

Since then, No Shopping Day is considered important because it wants to avoid consumer trouble. In 1997, other countries decided to move their celebrations to the Friday after Thanksgiving or Black Friday, which is the busiest shopping time in the world.

Following the No Shopping Day campaign, similar campaigns started popping up in the US, UK, Israel, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, France and in Norway. Today, more than 65 countries participate in this celebration.

Unique facts from the day without shopping

Until now, No Shopping Day continues to campaign as a country in the world. However, there are some unique facts that come along with celebrating the day without shopping.

Reported Detik News of the site The day without purchase, This year, No Shopping Day falls on November 26, 2022. Previously, this event was celebrated on November 27, 2021 and November 26, 2020.

The date change of No Shopping Day is caused by Thanksgiving, which often occurs at different times in North America, Sweden, Finland and the UK. No shopping days are celebrated after Thanksgiving.

How to Celebrate Shopping Free Day

Adbusters as a non-profit organization in Canada is also responsible for celebrating the day without shopping. According to them, this celebration is also committed to reducing consumptive lifestyles to reduce waste.

Many events are organized each year to commemorate No Shopping Day. In Rhode Island, this celebration has been going on for 20 years and has spread to Utah, Oregon, Kentucky and others.

So, if you want to participate in No Shopping Day, all you have to do is cut back on your spending so you don’t live a life of consumerism. It also encourages you to protect the environment, so that there is no excessive waste from the packaging of disposable products.

Good luck, yes detikers!


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