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Glenn Maxwell He revealed he was “devastated” after failing to qualify for Australia’s most competitive tournament. Last test Against Sri Lanka in Galle, but it rekindled his desire to play Uji cricket again with a tour of India on the horizon early next year.

Maxwell almost played First test in Galle, but passed the Head Fitness Test and retained his place. He was even closer to playing in the second test when revealed by the captain pat cummins It’s Maxwell To play Mitchell replaces Starc at No 8 if the pitch is empty, it will be a replica of the surface used in the first Test.

But conditions changed dramatically with a more relaxed hitting surface and Maxwell failed.

“I was devastated when I said that,” Maxwell said after being kicked out of the second Test. “I don’t think they made the wrong choice, I’m just very disappointed.

“I really want to play. I’m happy to be part of it [Test cricket]I like the idea of ​​playing again.

“Even though I haven’t thought about Test Cricket in two years, I feel ready again. I enjoy working with coaches and developing new tactics to deal with hard-spinning, exploding bowling balls.

“I’m glad Heady passed his fitness test because I hate playing due to an injury to one of your players. Unfortunately they changed the situation. If the conditions were the same for both tests , I probably would. But they took the goal slightly better and the coaches made the right call.

“I try not to get too excited or too confident because I’ve been in this situation many times, I’ve been on the wrong side, the pick ups and downs and the 50-50 calls …but yeah, I’m leaving myself, I’m a little excited.”

Maxwell revealed he felt more love and positivity in his potential Test memory than in the past, even as he lamented the lack of acceptance of his punching style while on the team testing between 2014 and 2017.

“I felt like I had no support at the start of my Test career and that must have been nice,” Maxwell said. “Maybe it could be different and it’s like, no, this guy can’t be in the team. So nice to see that changed. When I came back to the team in 2017, it was like, “There’s real positive change coming, which is rare.”

“For so long every time I played a reverse sweep it was a thing of the past and it has become a staple of Test cricket wherever you play in the world. Everyone plays it.

“So where was it six years ago?” It must be fun when I’m playing, and people are going to look at me and say, oh, vision! [laughs]. Uzzi [Usman Khawaja] 300 of them act, he’s a superstar, [he] 150 and get likes [we] Worship Him.”

Maxwell is now firmly in line to take part in a four Test tour of India next year, especially after Head’s meager tours of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, where he scored 26 points in five Tests. The head is now average 9:30 p.m. in Asia He had only passed 50 once in seven tests. Maxwell has played all seven of his Test matches in Asia Average 26.07 the. He’s only turned 50 once, but he’s got a good track record Century in Ranchi The last Test Tour of Australia in India in 2017.

“Last year I had a pre-season at Junction Oval where we used the same pitch, four or five net sessions in a row and on the fifth net session they were basically Indian.”

Glenn Maxwell in preparation for his India tour

Maxwell’s background in red-and-white ball cricket, having faced all three in India, will no doubt give him an edge from an electoral standpoint. He revealed Australia coaches had spoken to him about the specific preparations that would suit him best ahead of the India tour, and he insisted playing Sheffield Shield cricket on an Australian ground would not help, as he said. had already said.

“They ask what you need to prepare for, will Shield cricket make a difference? I won’t, I won’t,” Maxwell said. “Because the conditions there are very different. It must have been difficult to set up a spinning track in Australia in our first-class game.

“I think in Melbourne we can do more rotations and do different things. Last year I had a pre-season at Junction Oval where we used the same pitch, maybe four or five consecutive net sessions for the fifth net session. and they are basically Indian. And it’s fantastic. Really. It was the best net session I have ever had. When I came out I was thinking at this point, the next sub-continental tour, maybe IPL. And it’s fantastic. It’s the right preparation, I have no excuses, I think I’ll move on to the next series.”

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