Created by Don Bennett, this is the story of the discovery of amputation football

TEMPO.CO, Jakartaamputation football is a game intended for a person who suffers from a loss of limb or a person with a disability to participate in the sport of soccer, both at grassroots and elite level.

The story of the discovery of amputation football is quite unique. Reported from worldamputeefootball.orgcreator of football amputation his name is Don Bennett. He is originally from Seattle and has enjoyed skiing, boating and mountaineering.

Unfortunately, Don lost his leg to a propeller in a boating accident. Although since then his way of life has changed, he is still keen to adapt to all his activities.

Even the discovery of amputee football was also linked to his passion in 1982. Initially, he saw his son playing basketball in his garden. Then the ball escaped and rolled towards him, so he lifted his crutches and threw the basketball back to his son.

Then, in 1985, a soccer coach with experience on professional teams in Canada and the United States coached a Seattle Handicapped Sports and Recreation Association (SHSRA) team. Increasingly interested in the sport, he eventually founded Amputee Soccer International.

His passion took Barry on his travels through Central America and Eastern Europe just to introduce the game to anyone who would come out and watch. Along the way, only the Soviet Union refused to get involved in the game because they claimed to have no disabilities.

The first international amputation soccer tournament was held in Seattle, Don’s hometown. At that time, players came from the United States, Canada and Central America. But more and more quickly, this sport is now practiced officially in various countries.

Currently, amputee football is under and regulated directly by the World Amputee Football Federation or WAFF. In accordance with the mission of this federation, which is to facilitate the development of football for people with disabilities.

As for the different member countries of this federation up to 50 countries. Recent teams that have joined the World Amputation Football Federation include Cameroon, Togo, Ivory Coast, Palestine, India, IndonesiaMalaysia, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama and Azerbaijan.


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