Countries whose citizens were once banned by Saudi Arabia from Hajj due to political disputes


Pilgrims at the Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, September 27, 2014. Photo/REUTERS

Riyadh – Performing Hajj for Muslims is one of the pillars of Islam that should be done if you can afford it. However, a number of citizens of this country have been banned from going to the pilgrimage by the country that organizes the pilgrimage, namely Saudi Arabia.

The reasons vary, but most often due to political tensions. Here are the countries whose citizens were once banned by Saudi Arabia from hajj due to political tensions.

1. Canada

In 2018, Saudi Arabia suspended all international activities. For example, Saudi Arabia bans airlines from and to Toronto, Canada.

This then caused thousands of Canadian pilgrims who wanted to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage to be cancelled.

This tension began with Saudi Arabia detaining a number of Canadian human rights activists. In response, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs criticized this decision.

Saudi Arabia responded by expelling Canada’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Here, Saudi Arabia views Canada’s behavior as interference in Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs.

2. Syria

Saudi Arabia had banned Syrians from setting foot in Mecca to make the pilgrimage.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia banned it due to the war in Syria around 2011.

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