Coordinating meeting, Banten and Bogor workers extend support for Ganjar to become president

Coordinating Coordinating Meeting, Banten and Bogor Workers Extend Support for Ganjar to Become Chairman of Ganjar Pranowo

The Rewards of Workers for Struggle (GBB) Banten has pledged to extend its support to the man who is now the Governor of Central Java (Central Java).

jpnn.Sumatera 01/14/2023 – 06:50 PM Fajar Januarta, Editor Fajar Januarta Saturday January 14, 2023 3:11 PM WIB Protesters from the Labor Party and several other unions staged a protest in the horse statue area of Arjuna in central Jakarta on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Labor Party Said Iqbal said his party will hold a convention related to the presidential candidate (candidate) who will be supported in the 2024 general election.

com, BANTEN – Workers’ Fighting Rewards (GBB) held a coordination meeting (Rakor) at Lebak Regency, Banten. During the coordination meeting, they pledged to continue embracing workers to expand support for Ganjar Pranowo, so that he becomes President 2024 Trend 14/01/2023 – 18:44 Here is the ZODIAC forecast for tomorrow, Sunday, January 15, 2023 Related to body health for those of you with the zodiac signs Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius.” We discussed future plans and goals that were presented at the consolidation meeting on the 6 January last week and thank God all regions reported on their progress,” GBB Banten President Trisnur Priyanto said in Cimarkum Village RT 01/04 Girilaya Village, Cipanas District, Lebak Regency, Banten on Sunday ( 15/1).They organized an action to reject the Perppu number 2 of the year 2022 regarding job creation.Meanwhile, GBB Banten management for Tangerang Regency, Serang Regency, South Tange rank, Serang City, participated in the coordination meeting. Tangerang City, Regency n Lebak, Pandeglang Regency and Cilegon City. Legend Spanyo Trend 01/14/2023 – 18:14 The group Simple Plan from Montreal, Canada, will be visiting Indonesia next March. GBB Bogor administrators from Bogor Regency will also be present. The results of the national working meeting was brought to the presidium, the new presidium made a convention,” Said said at a press conference at the opening of the Labor Party’s national working meeting, north of Jakarta, Saturday (14/1/2023).

Based on the progress of regional administrators, Trisnur said GBB Banten has now embraced almost two thousand workers to jointly support Ganjar Pranowo. Wife of Messi Antonela. TEMPO / Hilman Fathurrahman W Jan 14, 2023 00:00 WIB Chairman of the Labor Party, Said Iqbal delivered a speech to the mass action of the Labor Party and several other unions at the Arjuna Horse Statue area in Central Jakarta on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Also Read: Trisnur said this result was GBB Banten’s commitment to extend support to the man who is now the Central Java Governor. “Altogether almost 2000 people entered. They organized an action to reject Perppu No. 2 of 2022 regarding job creation. This means that they (the regional administrators) are performing well thanks to our support for Ganjar in 2024, not just lip service but also more real support,” Trisnur said. The national work meeting will explain this, it’s called the Labor Party convention,” he said.



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Keep up the action against job creation Peppu, there are 9 points presented by the workersThe Labor Party staged a protest against the ratification of Perppu No. 2 of 2022 regarding job creation on Saturday (14/1/2023). News here and there, Actions, demonstrations, protests, criticism, until when do you want to be heard or followed, methods must be taken, let alone never pointed out!, Lost in politics, please ask the demonstrators, have they ever read and know what the PERPU COPYING WORK contains?

Workers take action against job creation PerppuLabor Party and several other unions stage action to reject Perppu number 2 of 2022 over job creation

Labor party holds convention to decide backed candidatesLabor Party Chairman Said Iqbal has said that his party will hold a convention regarding the presidential candidates (candidates) who will be supported in the 2024 elections. Ahhhh… conventions… the presidential candidate is AB, the running mate is Iqbal. .. doenk already 😛😂😂😂 Participants are workers or free… If you are not elected, you will be bankrupt 😁😁😁🤭

Labor will win the votes of Gerindra, PDIP and PKS in the 2024 electionsLabor Party chairman Said Iqbal said his party was determined to take back workers’ votes from parties that were previously backed by trade unions.

Top National: Labor party determined to win votes for Gerindra, PDIP and PKS in West Java, Sandiaga Uno Sowan Kiai Kholil As’ad SyamsulSaid Iqbal said the Labor Party was determined to take back the votes of workers from parties that were previously supported by trade unions.

By participating in the demo, not all workers read the job creation perppuThe workers who are members of the Labor Party, trade unions and farmers’ unions who took part in today’s demonstration did not all read the Job Creation Perppu.

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