Consumed in Indonesia, goldfish are scary in Canada

Ontario, Canada

In many countries, including Canada, goldfish considered an animal pest which is quite dangerous, especially if the amount is large. The explosion of the carp population is therefore considered worrying.

In the city of Ontario, it can be said that the population of goldfish has skyrocketed. Photographer Andrew Murray said when he was little he often saw live goldfish in the pond, but the numbers weren’t that high.

Well recently he took some pictures of the ponds and noticed there were a lot of goldfish there. “When I looked at it on the computer, it was clear there were thousands and thousands of goldfish,” he said. detikINET from CBC, Thursday (5/19/2022).

University of Toronto researchers say many ponds in the province are breeding grounds goldfish. The pool was originally as an anti-flood system.

“These are super invasive animals. What we’re seeing is a rapid increase in goldfish all across southern Ontario and indeed all of Canada,” said Professor Nicholas Mandrak, scientist local.

Carp is considered the most widespread pest in North America today. One of the reasons why people consider it harmless and easily let go.

“Those who throw goldfish at the city pool might think they’re doing a good thing, not killing it. Even though there shouldn’t be any fish in the pond,” he said.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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