Consider investing in coastal real estate in Manado, MANADO – North Sulawesi is like other parts of Indonesia that depend on tourism. The abundant tourism potential is the economic growth supported by this sector. The provincial government of North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) is indeed making the tourism sector one of the pillars of the region’s economy in 2022.

The economy of this sector is considered to have very good potential because this region has many qualified resources. It’s just about finding a breakthrough to bring in investors so that the management is better. The representative office of Bank Indonesia (BI) North Sulawesi noted that the economy of this region in the first quarter of 2022 witnessed a positive growth of 3.86% on an annual basis (year-on-year / year-on-year).

This performance was supported by improved socio-economic activities in the community after the restriction of opening hours policy was lifted and travel rules were relaxed. This policy has a major influence on tourist visits to this province, especially foreign tourists (tourists) who in May 2022 there were 843 people via Sam Ratulangi Airport. In fact, a total of 3,852 foreign tourists came in the period of January to May 2022. This achievement makes North Sulawesi the province with the most foreign tourist visits to the island of Sulawesi.

This fact is certainly no coincidence, as North Sulawesi itself is currently known to have the Likupang Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which is under development and has entered 5 super priority destinations. Likupang SEZ has advantages in the resort tourism and cultural tourism sector which is supported by the various beauties offered by the beach and the Wallace Conservation Center. Manado as the capital of North Sulawesi also has a blessing with the development of Likupang SEZ.

Additionally, the Manado-Bitung Toll Road will be connected to the Likupang SEZ area in northern Minahasa. This will allow travelers to explore North Sulawesi tourism from Manado. One of the most potential for supporting tourism in North Sulawesi, of course, is the Manado Megamas region.

In this area there are hotels, culinary centers, tourist attractions themselves. The Megamas area is now a popular meeting place for young people in North Sulawesi. The reason is that this area is one of the economic centers of the city of Manado.

This area is also directly adjacent to Manado Bay. This panorama is what makes the view from Megamas so pleasant to enjoy. Tourists can take in views of Manado Bay, Bunaken Island, and Mount Manado Tua while hanging out at cafes, restaurants, and food trucks serving North Sulawesi delicacies.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, tourists can always spend free time on the coast of the Megamas region. Megasurya Nusalestari General Manager Irawan Handoko said the Megamas area is known as an area with the best sunset views. Although it is known as a business district and a shopping center, tourists can enjoy a very charming sunset here.

“Come just to the edge of this area, you’ll be immediately presented with a stunning view of Bunaken Beach,” Irawan said recently.

In terms of infrastructure, several hotels are also available in this area. Tourists who want to stay need not worry. This establishment is certainly a very good supporter of tourism. Megamas is also aggressively building more adequate infrastructure. Megasurya Nusalestari COO Amelia Tungka said if there are investors who want to build infrastructure again, he would really support them.

Moreover, he realized that the development of infrastructure capable of supporting tourism will accelerate the economic growth of North Sulawesi faster. In the Megamas area there are now lands available which can be used by investors. Amelia explained that the land in this area could be used as a mix, including for apartments, shopping malls, convention halls and hotels. According to him, the area can become a collection of separate private resort areas like in Bali. In addition, it can also be used as an area for water sports or nautical tourism.

“Our land estate is ready to build with an area of ​​approximately 3.7 hectares. Where, if there are investors who end up having a match, they can wake up immediately after taking care of all the permits” , Amelia said.

Some of the benefits of this area can be seen from the sea view which displays a 270 degree sea view. In addition, the neighborhood is in the middle of the city, which is of course very strategic and accessible to everyone. This area can be a private area supported by various food and drink tenants surrounding it. Food and beverage offerings on the Megamas site, ranging from local foods to national foods, are also available.

“In our area, the parking area is wide and adequate,” he said.

The Megamas area is also popular as a special culinary business area and various culinary tours are offered. There are different types of local and foreign culinary dishes. Uniquely, various tenants of this location are also zoned for halal and non-halal food.

Of course, this reflects the diversity and provides clear information to every visitor who comes, especially the Muslim community who wants to take a culinary tour here. Meanwhile, North Sulawesi Governor Olly Dondokambey has successfully included his territory in an area that enforces Visa-onArrival (VoA).

Now, no less than 72 countries are ready to enter and visit North Sulawesi without a long administrative process. These countries are South Africa, United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Netherlands, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Philippines, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Germany, Cambodia, Canada, South Korea, Croatia, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Egypt and Malaysia. Also, it includes Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, Norway, Oman, France, Peru, Holland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, New Zealand, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden , Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste, China, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Vietnam, Jordan and Greece.

“We believe this will increase the number of foreign tourists visiting here, so we hope the visa-free program can once again boost the tourism sector,” Olly said.

This effort is sure to make North Sulawesi and Manado the main areas for sightseeing in Sulawesi Island. Government and promoter support is very strong in the development of this sector.

“Going forward, we will increase FGDs for the education of economic actors by involving relevant stakeholders,” he said.

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