Conditions and how to create the latest job seeker yellow card 2022

TEMPO.CO, Jakartayellow card is a sign card Jobseekers. Yellow card requirements are generally required for those applying for jobs in government agencies or civil servants (PNS). Therefore, it is important for potential workers to know the requirements and how to do a yellow card to apply for a job.

Terms and how to make a yellow card

According to the page, a yellow card is one of the requirements for submitting an application. Not only for government agencies, but yellow cards are also required to apply for private companies.

Yellow cards are often referred to as AK1 cards. This card contains the data or identity of job seekers. This data will be collected by the Labor Department (Effective) for each region. Disnaker will help submit job candidate data to the company. This therefore makes it easier for companies to verify candidates.

Before issuing a yellow card, there are several required documents that you must prepare first. Please note that the requirements for making a yellow card for each city or district may vary. However, the exact requirements document is not far from the following documents. Here are the requirements and how to yellow card which can be done online and offline.

Manufacturing conditions map yellow

Before making a yellow card, you should prepare the necessary requirements. Here are the conditions for making the necessary yellow card.

  1. Photocopy of the last legalized diploma document.

  2. Copy of identity card or driver’s license.

  3. Photocopy of birth certificate.

  4. Photocopy of KK.

  5. Photo with a red background with a size of 3×4 up to 2 pieces.

  6. Copy of previous employment certificate (if applicable).

  7. Photocopy of the competency certificate (if applicable).

  8. It is recommended to prepare the originals just in case if necessary.

How to make a yellow card

How to make a yellow card can be online or offline. Here are the steps you can follow.

How to do it online via website

  1. Open the browser on your mobile phone.

  2. Login to the site

  3. On the main page, click on the REGISTER menu.

  4. Enter the required data such as NIK number, full name, email, phone number and password.

  5. Click LOGIN NOW.

  6. Then complete the profile indicating your passport photo, personal data, profession, skills and education.

  7. Click on the REGISTER AS JOB SEARCHERS menu.

  8. Double check all entered data.

  9. If all the data is correct, click SAVE and your personal data has been saved.

  10. If you want to print out a yellow card, you can go directly to the Manpower Office in your neighborhood or city.

How to yellow card offline

  1. Prepare all the requirements mentioned earlier.

  2. Go to the Disnaker office in your city or district.

  3. State your goal and submit all requirements to the meter or yellow card issuer.

  4. Then the agent will help you process the data and print your yellow card.

  5. Wait for the officer to finish.

  6. Be sure to check whether the personal data located on the yellow card matches your personal data.

These are the requirements and how to make a yellow card easily. Registration or production of this yellow card is free.

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