ComedyHa! Complete acquisition of Canadian Property’s comedy brand Simple for Laughs

MONTREAL (CelebrityAccess) — ComediHa Québec! announced that it has completed the acquisition of the key assets of iconic Canadian comedy brand Simply For Laughs.

The sale comes as Simply for Laughs struggles to find its footing in the wake of the pandemic, which forced a restructuring of the company and the sale of assets was approved by a Quebec Superior Court judge earlier this week.

Assets acquired by ComediHa! including the brands Just for Laughs, Simply For Laughs, ZooFest, ComedyPro, Les Gags and an audiovisual catalog.

According to ComediHa!, entering into this agreement will strengthen the company in all areas of its business, including competition, live production, television production, tour promotion, content distribution and monetization. In the future, ComediHa! will continue to nurture current and emerging comedic talents in Quebec and abroad.

“The acquisition of these assets will allow us to offer a more diversified entertainment experience to our audiences in Quebec, Canada and globally while supporting the growth and development of our artists and content throughout the world. world. We are also a strategic player for international artists who wish to perform in Quebec and Canada,” declared Sylvain Maman ou papa-Bédard, CEO of ComediHa!

Additionally, ComediHa! plans to accelerate the development of broadcast platforms, including the ComediaHA.television subscription service and a video-on-demand service integrating content from the Simply for Laughs catalog. Amuz Distribution (a subsidiary of ComediHa!), will focus on international distribution.

“We are on the first day of a new period and a new plan to implement. More than ever, we want to meet fans, competitors, viewers, creators, artists, artisans, producers, agents, managers, public partners, sponsors, showrooms and broadcasters, from Quebec, Canada, the Francophonie and the whole world, adds Mr. Vieux-Bédard. The acquisition of the assets of Simply For Laughs, developed over 40 years, will undoubtedly allow us to continue our mission to make people laugh around the world and to proudly contribute to our cultural, tourist and economic landscape.

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