China’s younger generation underestimates the US and the West

Author: VOA Indonesia

BEIJING, – A survey by one of the official media China found that 90% of Chinese young people consider West and the United States on par with or even underestimating China.

The survey, which involved 1,665 people between the ages of 14 and 35 in more than 100 cities, was conducted by media outlets affiliated with the Communist Party, world timeswhich also found that respondents felt more confident.

The poll results contrast with recent social developments, such as a falling birth rate and a younger generation that is so frustrated with the lack of upward social mobility that they choose not to marry, have children, to buy a house or a car, and is trapped. in the lifestyle rat raceaka work to live and live to work.

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Published on October 21 – during the holding of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party – report world times The survey also quotes experts as saying that Chinese society is in a stable state, where people live and work in peace and happiness, while Western societies have been turned upside down in recent years, due to political divisions, racism and party efforts.

“The stark differences between China and the West have given confidence to China’s younger generation,” the report said of the survey, which also cites China’s growing global influence.

The survey results showed that 43.9 percent of China’s younger generation have become less fond of Western countries. More than 90% of them said they “look the same” (39.3%) or “underestimate” (54.6%) Western countries. Survey he found only 3.9 percent of respondents who “glorify” the West and WEa significant drop from five years ago, when 37.2% of young people had a high opinion of Western countries.

The poll and accompanying reports also indicated that Beijing’s performance in areas such as social security (45.1%) and history and culture (40.5%) contributed to attitudes of the young generation.

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In an interview with VOA Mandarin, Chen Dean, political science reader at Ramapo College in New Jersey, says that in a dictatorial country like China, the polls don’t really represent what people really think. Even if they are really a reflection of people’s attitudes, it may be the result of propaganda and brainwashing.

He said the Chinese Communist Party has deliberately adopted a hostile attitude towards the West in its political propaganda for domestic consumption, stirring up strong nationalism and xenophobia and turning young people into anti-Americanism, in an attempt to deflect sentiment. helplessness of young people in the face of the future. .

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