China warns, Canada says ready to get back on track

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Photo: ZHU XINGXIN/CHINA DAILY

jpnn.comOTTAWA – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reminded Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly of Taiwan-related issues when the two spoke by phone on Tuesday (5/4).

“If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, China-Canada relations will be fundamentally disrupted,” Wang said.

China considers Taiwan to be part of its territory in accordance with the 1992 Consensus.

“China hopes that Canada can take the right position and position on issues that concern China’s core interests,” the Chinese State Council member said.

The Taiwan issue was one of the three main things Wang conveyed to Joly.

On another topic, Wang Yi called on Canada to be objective on China’s policies.

“China and Canada have no historical records, disputes or conflicts of interest. We hope Canada will always remember the goals of mutually beneficial and trust-based cooperation,” he said. .

Moreover, Wang hopes that Canada’s cooperation with China should be free from outside interference.

Wang Yi reminded Canada to take the right stance and stance on issues that concern China’s core interests,

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