China, Japan and the United States are interested in building a thorium power plant

Pangkalpinang: Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands, Ridwan Djamaluddin, said there were four investors of the four countries interested in investing to manage natural resources thorium in the province of the Bangka Belitung islands in energy.

“Currently, investors from the United States, China, Canada and Japan are interested in investment management thorium“, said Ridwan Jamaluddin BetweenTuesday, December 20, 2022.

He said four investors from four countries were interested in creating Power plant thorium or alternative nuclear fuel, in order to increase the availability of electric power in Indonesia, in particular in the province of the archipelago of Bangka Belitung.

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“To be honest, we don’t have human resources yet and there are clear guidelines for natural resources thorium which is abundant in Bangka Belitung,” he said.

According to him, currently the level of fear of NPP still quite high and inherent in society. Thus, the provincial government must educate the public and study the technical, economic and community awareness aspects.

“I hope we in Babylon are serious about this, so that the management of natural resources can be managed properly and have a positive impact on society,” he said.

He also encouraged all regional apparatus organizations, regency/city governments and PT Timah Tbk and other related parties to discuss investor interest in tin ore related mineral management.

“We must ensure the potential and the availability thorium there are, but generally what is in Babel also exists in and around West Kalimantan,” he said.

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