China has achieved high-quality development in five key areas

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The report released by the Chongyang Institute of Financial Studies of Renmin University in China in collaboration with several think tanks from the United States, Russia, Canada and India highlights the The effect of “compound interest” on China’s development.

China's continuous accumulation of modernization can bring the country “compound interest” type development, serving as a driving force for China's continued economic growth and prosperity. “Compound interest” in China is characterized by stable returns, long-term accumulation and sustainability, according to the report.

China's modernization dynamic, characterized by the “compound interest” effect in its development, focuses on taking initiatives focused on innovation, deepening reforms, expanding opening-up. and promoting environmentally friendly development, the report said.

At the symposium held after the release of the report, experts and scholars from China, the United States, Russia, England, Canada, Brazil and several other countries also discussed the development potential and prospects economic of China.

China's high-quality development, driven by compound interest, innovation, reform, opening-up and sustainability, demonstrates its commitment to building a prosperous and harmonious society, said Mohammed Saqib, Secretary-General of the Economic Council and cultural India-China. “China is setting an extraordinary example for other countries and paving the way for a better future for humanity.”

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