Chatime Franchise Terms and Fees, Popular Overseas Drinks, JAKARTA – Culinary business is not just about food.

Beverage become one of the products that can generate huge profits.

one of which is franchise Chatime which always attracts the attention of business people. The reason is that contemporary beverages made from tea and dairy ingredients have become a distinct trend in Indonesian society.

Embrace the concept of service personalized drinks, Chatime customers can determine the type of filling and the amount of sugar, as well as the amount of ice cream they want. Chatime also always innovates by presenting the latest menu.

In fact, this beverage franchise has spread widely in various parts of the world. From USA, Australia, India, Canada, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The number of dispersed outlets further proves that the brand image of Chatime presents a promising business opportunity.

So how do you join the franchise?

Chatime Indonesia Franchise Terms

Unfortunately, Chatime Indonesia does not offer partnership opportunities.

Launched from Chatime Indonesia official website on Thursday (7/18/2022), Chatime is a bubble tea drink brand from Taiwan which was founded in 2005. In Indonesia itself, Chatime is one of the business units under the aegis of the Kawan Lama group. in 2011.

Whereas since entering Indonesia, Chatime itself is under the auspices of PT Foods Beverages Indonesia, making this PT the sole owner or licensee of Chatime Indonesia.

So, for now, there are no permits or applicable conditions to establish cooperation with the popular drink brand.

International chatime opportunities and fees

But do not worry. Quoted from the official website you can always open the franchise abroad.

Meanwhile, the total initial investment ranges from $480,000 to $639,000. Of course, the facilities obtained include everything from operations, marketing, branding, technology, and ongoing training to ensure the store meets its sales goals.

However, it is important to remember that the above costs do not include other operational costs such as location rent and employee salaries.

You also have to prepare funds for operations every month, which will certainly be quite high considering that the location is not in the country.

Indeed, basically, there is no Chatime franchise in Indonesia. However, if you want to ask any further questions about the Chatime Franchise, you should contact the official management website.

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