Charles is officially crowned King of England

Charles becomes King of England and Head of State of 14 Commonwealth territories

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON – King Charles III vowed to follow his late mother’s example when he was officially proclaimed England’s new king at St James’s Palace on Saturday (10/9/2022). Charles’ coronation as king will take place at a later date and the date is not yet clear.

There is a 16-month gap between Elizabeth becoming queen in 1952 and her coronation in 1953. It’s just that the 73-year-old immediately replaced Queen Elizabeth II after her death on Thursday (8/9). Charles’s son and heir William, his wife Camilla and Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss were among those who signed the proclamation.

During the official council meeting, six former prime ministers, bishops and a number of politicians chanted “May God Save the King”. “I am acutely aware of this great heritage and the heavy duty and responsibility of sovereignty that has now been entrusted to me,” Charles said in a speech after his inauguration.

“In assuming this responsibility, I will endeavor to follow the inspiring example I have set in upholding constitutional government and in pursuing peace, harmony and prosperity for the peoples of these islands and of the Commonwealth of Nations and territories around the world,” he said. .

Charles also said in his speech that he had made his 40-year-old son William the new Prince of Wales. The title has been held for over 50 years and is traditionally held by the heir to the throne.

William’s wife, Kate, became Princess of Wales. The role was last held by the late Princess Diana.

Charles’ investiture as king took place in the Proclamation Gallery, a balcony above the convent courtyard of St James’s Palace. Garter King of Arms, David White, accompanied by another group in traditional heraldic dress recites the Great Proclamation, to the sound of the trumpet. Meanwhile, at St James’s, which is the oldest palace in the work, several hundred people were allowed into the palace to hear the announcement of the inauguration.

The proclamation will also be read publicly in other UK capitals, Edinburgh in Scotland, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Cardiff in Wales. Other cities in England have done the same.

Charles is the king and head of state not only of Great Britain, but also of 14 other territories, including Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The new king vowed to serve the nation with loyalty, respect and love in his first televised address to the nation as king on Friday (9/9).

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