Causes of Dog Seizures While Sleeping

JAKARTA, – Dreams are things or events experienced during sleep. Dreams are not only experienced by humans, but also by pets like dogs.

Dogs can dream of anything. Like humans, dogs dream during the REM sleep cycle.

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To know that a dog is dreaming, it can be seen from its body which moves during sleep, one of which swings its paws. Movement is the dog’s response to whatever is happening in his dream.

Although all dogs can show muscle movements when dreaming, PetMD reported that it most often affects younger and older dogs.

This is because the pons, the part of the brainstem with two “off” switches, regulates movement during the sleep cycle.

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PIXABAY/pexels Illustration of a dog sleeping on his owner’s bed.

Stanley Coren, a neuropsychology researcher and former psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada, says that if one or both of these “off” switches are not fully developed or weakened due to the process of aging, the muscles are not completely closed. and during the dream the dog will begin to move.

“The amount of movement that occurs depends on whether this ‘off’ switch is effective or ineffective,” he said. Mental FlossFriday (23/9/2022).

As long as your dog looks like he’s having fun in his dream, you can sit back and enjoy the view. Even that looks adorable.

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However, if you think your dog is having a bad dream, be careful not to wake him up.

Because, as explained American Kennel Club (AKC), a dog that suddenly wakes up from a nightmare may be able to bite you before realizing it’s not real.

However, you should learn to recognize the difference between a normal dream and the convulsions or jerks experienced by a pet dog.

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“Some (dogs) manifest their dreams by shaking, paddling or kicking. These movements are often brief (less than 30 seconds) and intermittent,” added AKC animal health officer Jerry Klein. .

Dogs that convulse or shake during dreams may also be accompanied by loss of bowel control. In this case, you should check with your vet’s furry friend.

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