Cause Indonesia vs Curaçao threatened Cancel

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

PSSI programmed Indonesian national team for the duel against Curaçao in FIFA Day Next. However, this plan is in danger of being cancelled.

The Indonesian national team continues to try to improve its FIFA ranking. That’s why the Garuda Squad also actively schedule tryouts on every FIFA Matchday.

On the next FIFA day in September, the Indonesian national team is already planning a duel against Curaçao. But the agenda could be threatened with cancellation as the Curacao national team’s vaccination requirements have not been met.

“So there are things that they haven’t vaccinated at all. However, maybe they don’t, they do vaccines, so we have to communicate with our government.”

“Because our government has its own rules. So be patient, we are still inquiring with the Secretary General, Chief Technology Officer, regarding the national team trial,” PSSI President Mochamad Iriawan told AFP. the opening of the Liga 1.

Curaçao is a member state of CONCACAF. Although the name of the national team of Curacao is not as flashy as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Honduras and Costa Rica, they have quite a good FIFA rating.

Curaçao is currently 84th in the FIFA rankings. The position itself is down five places from the announced list of the previous FIFA rankings.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian national team currently occupies the 155th position in the world. The Indonesian national team continues to climb from its previous position of 159 in the world.

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