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Canadian Muslims Share Islamophobia

This report describes daily incidents of discrimination experienced by Muslims. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, OTTAWA — Several Canadian Muslims have spoken about experiencing Islamophobia in a new report from the charity Islamic Relief Canada. The release of the report coincided with the fifth

Russia urges Canada to increase arms spending

Saturday March 26, 2022 – 01:44 WIB Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie. Photo: Sébastien ST-JEAN / AFP, LONDON – Canada will continue to increase defense spending, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday (3/24), as he

How to survive extreme heat and humidity

A few summers ago, Gordon Gisbrecht was working on a lakeside pier when he said he was starting to feel “a bit funny”. Minutes later, he was vomiting – a symptom he immediately recognized as heat exhaustion. An expert on

Meteorite falls on the Canadian bed

Ruth Hamilton was sleeping when suddenly a meteorite fell on her bed. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A Canadian Named Ruth Hamilton was surprised to hear a sound like an explosion on the night of October 3. Whoever was sleeping at the