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BWF World Championship 2022: Day 5

Get ready for an exciting day at the badminton quarterfinals BWF World Championship in Tokyo, Japan, Friday August 26, 2022. In men’s singles, the Olympic champion of Denmark Victor Axelsen I’ll lock the horn with Anthony Genting After Indonesia’s epic

5 most popular international news today

Jakarta – Two airline pilots French, Air France, clashed in the cockpit while the plane was in the air. Following the incident, both pilots were disabled from their duties. As reported Associated pressMonday (29/8/2022), the incident of two pilots between

History August 29, Netflix launched in 1997, JAKARTA – August 29, 1997 netflix launched with an Internet DVD rental service. Netflix, Inc. is a media streaming and video rental company founded in 1997 by American entrepreneurs Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. He also participated in the

Boost, US Dollar – ANTARA News Yogyakarta

New York (ANTARA) – The U.S. dollar strengthened against a basket of other major currencies late in trading on Friday after Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell announced further rate hikes future interest rate to control inflation. Fed Chairman adopts