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Canadian city rejects Islamic burials

July 19, 2017 Legend, The Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec is in the Sainte Foy region of Quebec A Canadian city has decided to refuse a zoning change that would have allowed the construction of a Muslim cemetery. The decision

Why is Canada closing its borders to asylum seekers?

Canada is a refugee-friendly country, making it the main destination for asylum seekers. Photo/Reuters OTTAWA – Agreement reached Canada this year to stem the flow of asylum seekers entering from the United States. At first glance, success was rapid. Within

Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador, cuts trade ties

August 7, 2018 Legend, Samar Badawi, pictured with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, receiving the International Women of Courage Award in 2012. Saudi Arabia has accused Canada of “interference” in the kingdom's internal affairs, expelling the country's ambassador and freezing