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F1 News: Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr. feels annoyed as he is often hit with bad luck in the 2022 F1 season this time around. Time and time again his chances of winning were destroyed due to various unexpected things.

It’s undeniable, Ferrari are among the teams that appear competitive in the first three series of the 2022 season. Unfortunately, the typical team with the Prancing Horse moniker failed to maintain their dominance until the middle of the season. season. Carlos Sainz Jr and Charles Leclerc often received bad luck, so their points were far behind Max Verstappen. This is also what Sainz regrets because he feels like he never has a clear chance of winning.

“I feel very frustrated that after many good years in F1, I am entering my first year behind the wheel of the toughest and most competitive car I have ever driven. But then when my championship hopes have started to increase, I had DNF in Austria which was really frustrating really stopped the positive trend. After (there were) penalties in France, a tough race in Hungary, a podium at Spa, but even if I’ve been much more competitive since Canada and Silverstone, it’s always difficult to get a good result,” said Sainz.

“I’m pretty sure that we will improve, continue to develop as a team and make sure that we also reach the level where we won the championship.”

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