Canadians save cattle from floods and pull cows using Jetski

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inhabitant Canada using various means to save their livestock from flood, ranging from the use of canoes to canoes. Some locals even pulled the cows using jet skis.

Flooding in the BC region was indeed so severe that the local government declared a state of emergency. The water level in the area can submerge the entire body of the cow except the head.

Residents are risking their lives to save their livestock, even though the local government has ordered an evacuation.

The order was issued because the water pumping station is expected to burst and flood the surrounding area.

Dozens of people were seen using barbell ropes and small motorboats to guide frightened swimming cows to safer areas and then transported in trailers.

“It’s a disaster,” said Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun, commenting on the community’s efforts to save the cows CNN.

“When I saw the cows in the water and they (locals) put the cows in the boat to save the cows, on the one hand it broke my heart. But on the other , I have been so amazed at our farming community working together to help each other.”

Over the past few days, Canada has experienced heavy rains that have fallen equivalent to the monthly rainfall volume. The city of Abbotsford was one of the hardest hit areas in the country.

Half of the city’s farms are said to have been damaged by this disaster. Most of the farms are in the lowlands of Sumas Prairie.

Overall, flooding in Canada killed one person. In addition, all rail access to Vancouver has also been cut.

Not only that, the flooding also shut down most wheat, canola fields and blocked pipelines.


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