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PUBLIC The world mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8, 2022, as Canadians felt very close to Queen Elizabeth II until the end of her life.

However, their relationship with the British Empire has become increasingly strained, to the point that observers believe the Queen’s death will reignite debate over the future of the Canadian monarchy.

“Canada is an exceptional monarchy in the midst of a continent that tends to be republican,” said March Chevrier, a political lecturer at the University of Quebec in Montreal, as reported by VOA Indonesia.

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In the next few weeks, after the end of the mourning period. “The debate will resurface, Pandora’s contacts will be open,” he added.

The King of England is Canada’s head of state, but his role is largely ceremonial, even more ceremonial than in England. In Canada, the kingdom is represented by a Governor General, who is chosen by the Prime Minister.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has praised the government of Elizabeth II. He noted that Elizabeth had been queen for nearly half of Canada’s age and declared a ten-day period of mourning.

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Flags were lowered across the country and a national memorial service was planned in the capital Ottawa on the same day as his funeral in London. But when it comes to greatness, Canada is increasingly ambivalent toward royalty.

As we know, Great Britain will organize a national funeral and pay a last tribute to the departure of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the plan, after her coffin is returned to London, the Queen will then rest in Westminster Hall for around four days before her funeral. This allows all members of the public to see it.

The Queen’s coffin will be placed on a raised platform, called a catafalque, under the medieval wooden roof of an 11th-century hall. Every corner of the platform will be guarded by soldiers from the units serving the Royal Household.

He will be led to Westminster Hall from Buckingham Palace in a slow procession, accompanied by a parade of military and royals.

People will also be able to watch the procession pass through the streets and a big screen broadcast is likely to take place in London’s Royal Parks.

The coffin will be covered with Royal Standard and in Westminster Hall will be covered with an Imperial State Crown, orb and scepter.

Once the casket is placed in the room, a brief service will take place. After that, people are allowed to enter.

The Queen’s state funeral is due to take place at Westminster Abbey in less than two weeks. The exact date will be confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

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