Canadian restaurant Remove Vladimir from the main menu

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A special restaurant Potato Fried in Canada has retired its menu that bears the name of the president of Russia during the war in Ukraine, The Vladimir.

Fans of their fried potatoes call the menu Le Vladimir. However, he changed his name to poutine, which has the same meaning as in French, as well as Poutine’s other name, poutine.

It’s just a quote AFP, some customers had protested. They also replaced it with the name The Volodymyr in honor of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky

“We also demeaned Putin a bit by changing the name of the food to that of the president of Ukraine,” said Yannick de Groote of the potato restaurant called Frites Quoi.

The owner of Frites Quoi!, which has more than a dozen outlets in Quebec and several in France, is apolitical and loves to joke, he says.

Huge portions of Frites Quoi! others poke fun at famous people or allude to their ingredients like The Kimchi, The Picashew or L’eau a la Bush – a tantalizing mix of French and George W. Bush.

Vladimir had been added to his menu when Putin was re-elected president in 2012.

“When people realized that Putin was dropping a bombshell (on Ukraine), at that point we decided to change the menu,” de Groote said.

In France, another restaurant called La Maison de la Poutine said in a statement that it had received “insulting calls and even threats” from people wrongly associating its main dish with the Russian president.

“The Putin House has nothing to do with the Russian regime and its leaders,” he said.


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