Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ensures his presence at the G20 summit in Bali

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Prime Minister Canada Justin Trudeau announced that he would attend the summit G20 in Bali on November 15 and 16.

The announcement was contained in an official statement from the Canadian government on Wednesday (2/11).

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that he will attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the G20 Summit in Bali, in Indonesia”, one can read. statement this.

At the G20 Summit, Trudeau will work with partners to advance shared priorities under the event’s theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”. He will also discuss solutions to food and energy insecurity, climate change and health.

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Additionally, Trudeau said that while people around the world are feeling the impact of challenges such as inflation, food insecurity and supply chain shortages, the world must work together.

“We must work together to find solutions and make life better and more affordable,” Trudeau said in the statement.

Besides the economic forum, Justin will attend the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Thailand and the Francophonie Summit in Tunisia.

Earlier, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said 18 heads of state would attend the G20 summit.

However, according to Jokowi, there are still three countries that have not yet confirmed whether or not their country’s leaders will participate in the G20.

“G20 summit, there are three [negara] who has not been [konfirmasi]I will call later to confirm their arrival,” Jokowi told reporters at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta on Wednesday.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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