Canadian Prime Minister joins solidarity action after death of Mahsa Amini

The Canadian Prime Minister’s wife has also joined the protests over the death of Mahsa Amini.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, OTTAWA — Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau participating in protests as a form of solidarity in the face of death Mahsa Amini in Tehran. Amini’s death sparked a wave of protests across Iran that lasted more than 40 days.

“Women in Iran, daughters, grandmothers and allies, they have not been forgotten,” Trudeau said, standing in front of a white banner adorned with red handprints. “We will be by your side. I will walk with you, I will hold your hand. We will continue to support this beautiful community,” Trudeau said, before concluding his speech by shouting Persian slogans. Al-Arabiya, Sunday (30/10/2022).

The Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, also joined the protest. “I support you because when a woman’s rights are violated, it is a disrespect for all women. And we will not abandon our sisters,” she said.

Trudeau pointed to the multiple rounds of sanctions imposed by the Canadian government on senior Iranian officials over the past month. They have been sanctioned for their involvement in gross and systematic human rights violations by the Iranian regime.

Amini’s supporters also attended protests in several other cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Thousands of people also organized a similar demonstration on Saturday (29/10/2022) in France.

Mahsa Amini died after being arrested by the moral police in Iran. She was arrested and detained for not wearing the headscarf in accordance with state regulations. Protests over Amini’s death extended to demands for the government to resign immediately.

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