Canadian Prime Minister denounces the knife attack in Saskatchewan: horrific and heartbreaking

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Prime Minister Canada Justin Trudeau damn stab in Saskatchewan today, Monday (5/9).

The stabbings took place at at least 13 locations in Saskatchewan, leaving ten dead and 15 others injured Sunday (4/9) morning.

“The attacks in Saskatchewan today are horrific and heartbreaking. My thoughts are with the community who have lost loved ones and injured,” Trudeau said in a statement on Twitter.

“We are closely monitoring the current situation and ask every citizen to follow the latest developments from local authorities,” he continued.

Canadian authorities have identified two suspects in the incident, Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson. The couple are still fugitives and are believed to have fled in a black Nissan Rogue.

According to Canadian Police Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, the first stabbing was reported at 5:40 a.m. local time. After a few minutes, his party received various reports related to the stabbings.

Blackmore also said it appeared some of the victims had been targeted all along, but others had been random targets.

A number of areas in Saskatchewan, such as James Smith First Nation, also declared a civil security emergency because two suspects were still wanted.

James Smith First Nation is a region of the Plains Cree Aboriginal community that consists of a reserve area. The region has 3,400 inhabitants, the majority of whom live off farmers, hunters and fishermen.

Former elected officials in the region have declared a state of emergency in response to the massive stabbing attacks. The local government also set up two emergency operations centers to deal with the deadliest incident in modern Canadian history.

Similar warnings were issued in the neighboring provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

A police warning urges residents to report if they have any information and see suspicious movements of the suspects.
Residents are also asked to be more vigilant, to stay away from crowds and to refuse to cross the line or approach suspicious people.

“Do not leave a safe place. Be careful when letting other people into your residence,” a police officer said.


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