Canadian police raid home of stabbed suspect

Canadian police with weapons drawn on Tuesday (6/9) surrounded a house in the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Heritage Area where there had been a stabbing incident last weekend.

Authorities have warned residents that the suspected stabbing suspect may be in the area. Police sent out an emergency alert by phone asking people not to leave their homes. Police say the suspect, Myles Sanderson, was seen at the James Smith Cree First Nation Heritage Site.

Journalist Associated press heard people screaming and running as police surrounded a house. The police blocked the road leading to this place.

The fugitive’s brother, who is also a suspect in the stabbing incident, Damien Sanderson, was found dead near the site of the attack on Monday (5/9).

Police are still investigating whether Myles Sanderson killed his brother.

The brothers are accused of killing 10 people and injuring 18 others.

The stabbing incident is one of the largest mass murders on record in Canada, where such crimes are less common than in the United States.

The deadliest shooting in Canadian history occurred in 2020 when a man disguised as a policeman opened fire on people in their home and then set it on fire in the province of Nova Scotia. Twenty-two people died in the incident.

In 2019, a man used a van to kill 10 pedestrians in Toronto.

Mass stabbings that result in fatalities are less common than mass shootings, but occur around the world. In 2014, 29 people were stabbed and massacred to death at a train station in the city of Kunming in southwest China.

In 2016, a massive knife attack at a mental health facility in Sagamihara, Japan, killed up to 19 people.

A year later, three men at the wheel killed eight people by stabbing them along the London Bridge area. [em/jm]

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