Canadian PM strictly rejects Putin’s presence at G20 summit, admits he exchanged ideas with Jokowi

OTTAWA, – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not want to see Russian President Vladimir Putin at this year’s G20 meeting citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Reported AFPTrudeau said he exchanged ideas with Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who hosted a major economic meeting in November this year.

Trudeau called Putin’s presence “very difficult for us and unproductive for the G20.”

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“It’s going to be a big problem for many countries, including Canada,” he told reporters in Ottawa.

Trudeau explained that the G20 summit is about “how we manage and drive economic growth around the world.”

“Russia, with its illegal invasion of Ukraine, has disrupted economic growth for everyone in the world. (Russia) is unlikely to be a constructive partner in how we handle the crisis created by the crisis. illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia,” he added.

“The bottom line is that it’s impossible to act normal when Vladimir Putin sits around the table pretending everything is fine, because it’s not fine, and it’s his fault.”

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US President Joe Biden has previously backed Russia’s expulsion from the main G20 economic group.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said Putin should be banned from attending the group’s summit in Bali.

But Brazil and China oppose granting rights to Russia, while Indonesia has said it will remain “impartial”.

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Last week, Moscow’s envoy to Jakarta said Putin planned to attend the meeting.

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